Welcome to MdDS Australia

What is MdDS?

Mal de Debarquement Syndrome, or more commonly known as MdDS, is a neurological disorder when one feels a persistent perception of rocking and swaying.  The individual experiences a continuous sense of motion when on stable ground. MdDS usually occurs after the person has travelled on a ship, but may occur after exposure to other motion such as plane travel. It is thought that during this period of travel the brain sensitises to the rocking motion, but fails to readjust once back on solid ground. In rare cases, it is spontaneous.  It is a chronic, rare and invisible condition, the prevalence of which is currently unknown.

Who is MdDS Australia?

MdDS Australia is a not for profit organisation setup to create awareness within the community, for sufferers and medical professionals alike.

Our aim is to bring friendship and support to those with MdDS, offering any advice (non medical), in a non-judgemental friendly atmosphere.

Together we can offer help, support and understanding.

Together we can find how to better manage our symptoms.

Together we can find a balance!

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