To date, there is no long term effective treatment for MdDS. Simply because the data is not available.

MdDS Australia applaudes  Dr Dai at Mt Sinai in New York for his opto-kenetic treatment. To date the success rate has been 60%. But one wonders of the long term results. Have these patients been exposed to passive motion since treatment?

Repetitive Trans Magnetic Stimulation for MdDS was the birthstone of MdDS treatment by Dr Yoon-Hee Cha at the Laureate Institute in the USA.This was followed up by Associate Professor Alan Pearce, who is based in Melbourne. His clinial trials advocated a degree of success. But more funding is required for this to continue.

MdDS Australia also applaudes Alan Pearce. His has gone live with his research via media which has been an enormous help to raising awareness of MdDS in Australia.

His paper regarding his studies were published in the Journal of Neuropsychology.

To be honest, the MdDS Australia Patient Support Group would not be where it is today without Alan Pearce’s ongoing commitment and follow up of those who enquire about MdDS.